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About Us

Marlin Dynamic Investments was founded in 2021 by multiple partners with different aspect of real estate expertise. We have since developed a rich network of national business partners and connections. Together, we make educated investments in Multifamily assets that are proven to do great things. Our dedicated team is made up of seasoned investors as well as medical professionals.

Our Team

Tyler Wilmot

Managing Partner

Tyler comes from the world of business, he has 10 years of experience in management and accounting. As the sole officer manager of a construction company, tyler brings years of expertise in remodeling, building code, project management and more. Tyler focuses on market analysis and underwriting. This allow us to purchase properties which only meet specific criteria and returns for our investors.

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Kayla Wilmot

Managing Partner

Kayla has 8 years experience in management and people. She successfully Managed an FDA regulated Plasma Donation Center prior to furthering her education to become a Physician Assistant. She brings expertise in medicine, management and networking. As a medical professional, she loves to network and she finds great joy in helping others.

Our Priority Is People

We are in the relationship building business. We value forming strong connections with others both inside and outside of our industry. These relationships provide our avenue to success.